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Sales Cloud & Service Cloud in Salesforce

Sales Cloud & Service Cloud in Salesforce


Sales Cloud:                  images (2)

Sales Cloud is mainly focused towards Sales and Marketing for business development.”Sales Cloud” refers to the Sales module in It includes Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Contracts, Opportunities, Products, Price books, Quotes, and Campaigns . It includes features such as Web-to-lead to support online lead capture, with auto-response rules. It is designed to be for completely setup for the entire sales process. You can use this to help your company to generate revenue or increase revenue.

Service Cloud:

images (7)                          images (6)

Service Cloud” refers to the “service” or “customer service” module in It includes Accounts, Contacts, Cases, and Solutions. It also encompasses features such as the Public Knowledge Base, Web-to-case, Call Center, and the Self-Service Portal, as well as customer service automation (e.g. escalation rules, assignment rules). It is designed to allow you to support past, current, and future clients’ requests for assistance with a product, service, and billing. You use this to help make people happy.

Comparison table for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud functionality


Difference between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud :

  • Sales Cloud Implements Sales and Marketing for business development while Service cloud implements Salesforce Knowledge.
  • Sales Cloud is a great solution for small and mid-sized sales groups that want to rapidly increase revenue and cost effectively deploy Salesforce While Service Cloud provides Customer Support to the Clients and giving you the platform to provide a better customer experience for your clients. 
  • Sales Cloud gives you the ability to open Cases and relate them to Accounts, Contacts; etc. While The Service Cloud is a super set of Sales Cloud, meaning you get everything that is in Sales Cloud PLUS some other features.
  • When we develop product in for sales then it comes in Sales Cloud Ex: – Account, Contacts, and Lead. While when we want to provide some facility and also provides support to the clients then it comes in Service Cloud. Ex: – create cases is the example of Service Cloud in which client write his problem into cases instead of call.
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