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Salesforce Administrator Certification Real time Tips

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Hello everyone I have successfully completed the certification exam to become a Salesforce Certified Administrator (SU15). So I want to share my real time experience with all who are going for Admin(201) certification. First of all I want to thank Mayank and Daryl for their advice on how to go forward with this exam.Here is my certification Salesforce_Certified_Administrator

Below are steps you should follow to become a Salesforce certified Administrator:

Step 1: Please download study guide from and follow the same. it’s quite enough…and if you want to learn more please watch salesforce training video. I also suggests you to sign up for free developer org and play around it and use trailhead to complete admin module here .

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Pick first topic from study guide and do study using either Salesforce help & training or Salesforce Certification Exam Notes (Study Guides) . This is best place to study all your Salesforce admin exam topics with Important points highlight in Yellow colour.

Step2. I would recommend focusing all your effort for the next few days on Relationship types in Salesforce, Workflow rule considerations and Sharing/Security in Salesforce. These topics will cover almost 50% of the exam questions. Thanks @Mayank for this  advice.

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Step 3. First create your  account for Salesforce admin exam study here site: .This site is running successful by @Daryl  for free study for Salesforce Admin exam and it’s worth trying to sign up. I recommend you start your study by taking this 100 question quiz first and then identify the areas you need to study. Once you have studied the other material, come back and take the 100 question quiz again to see how your scores improve.  (you can take any of the quizzes as often as you like).  All of the quizzes come from a bank of 625+ questions (separated into topics) and questions are randomly included in each quiz.

Remark: First complete one topic from Study guide and play around developer org then login into your Djmlab account and take question quiz for separate for that topic here so you will get idea which part you should prepare well to success and where you are stack.


 Step 4. Some useful resources

  3. – Search for Salesforce Admin 201
  4.  Training Videos at ‘Who Sees What

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So once’s you are ready to crack the exam. Do register for your exam. If you need any help on specific topic then let me know in comment box or if you have any other useful tips then do comment below. Best of luck for your exam.Let me know about your experience about this exam after your exam. I am waiting for your suggestions 🙂




Hi! I am Pritam Shekhawat, Salesforce MVP. I am working as a 3x Certified Salesforce developer as well I am a co-leader of Noida Salesforce user group. Most important thing which I like about Salesforce is giving back. There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe the significance of giving back.

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