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Salesforce Activity Composer In Lightning Experience

Actions Missing from Activity Composer on Standard Objects

Activity Composer in Lightning Experience:  Most of the Customers might notice that certain actions such as ‘Log a Call’, ‘New Task’, and ‘New Event’ will not appear in Lightning Experience within the detail page for Opportunity, Account, Contact, and Lead. I also saw a lot of questions related to this in Salesforce Success Community. So here I am giving you step by step solution to resolve this issue in lightning experiences.

Here like Below is Opportunity  lightning detail page “Log A Call” button(action) is missing from activity composer.

Zenith Industrial Partners    Salesforce

To resolve this issue first verify below points:

Step1Look at the object’s page layout—opportunities, leads, accounts, contacts, or a custom object that supports activities. Check whether you’ve included the corresponding action in the Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience Actions section of the object’s page layout.

Note: An object page inherits the actions of the global page layout unless you’ve customized the actions in the Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience Actions section of the object’s page layout.

Step 2. Have you created a custom record type for calls, tasks, or events? Look at the page layout that you’ve associated with the custom record type. Ensure that you’ve assigned the custom record type to the corresponding action. For example, if you created a custom record type for calls, assign it to the Log a Call action.

Step 3. Ensure that your users have permission to view that custom record type.

Resolution :

To resolve this issue follow below Steps : 

Step1: Go to object record detail page >Click on  Setting Gear Action>Edit Object

Zenith Industrial Partners    Salesforce2.png

Step2: Goto page layouts

Object Manager  Opportunity   Salesforce.png

Step 3:Click on respective account page layout where you want to add missing actions

Object Manager  Opportunity   Salesforce2.png

Step 4: Click ‘Override the Predefined actions’

Edit Page Layout  Opportunity Layout   Salesforce   Developer Edition   Salesforce.png

Step 5: Drag and Drop ‘Log A Call’ from salesforce 1 Actions and save the page layout and go to opportunity record detail page.



Step 6: Now you can see ‘Log A Call’ button appear  in Activity Component,so same way we can add other missing action here.


Kindly let me know your feedback on below post comment section !!

Part II : Customize Activity Composer In Lightning Experience

References :

Configure the Call, Task, and Event Tabs in the Activity Composer in Lightning Experience

Actions Missing from Activity Composer on Standard Objects



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