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Hi Welcome to my Blog, I am Pritam Shekhawat, Salesforce MVP. I am working as a 5x Certified Senior Salesforce developer as well I am a co-leader of Noida Salesforce user group. The most important thing which I like about Salesforce is giving back. There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe the significance of giving back. Also, egotistically, when I give my time and vitality to others, I simply feel better — about myself and my group.

Here’s my example of overcoming adversity that as of late got distributed on Salesforce MVP Vinay’s (Noida User Group Leader) site. https://t.co/3plGbuLfw2

My Salesforce Story distributed at 3x Salesforce MVP Eric Dreshfield’s online journal : https://goo.gl/KQM8xD

Salesforce in 2017: Predictions for the Future – http://bit.ly/2imlPYn

My Guest Blog “Tips For Classic To Lightning” on Salesforce MVP Sharif’s site. – http://bit.ly/2hZ0tBd

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My Blog: https://pritamshekhawat.wordpress.com/

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