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What Attendees Are Saying About Dreamforce

I have been contributing to the Salesforce Community for past 3 years but my luck has never allowed me to attend DREAMFORCE, though I fought really hard. I’m already fighting for 2017, and stronger than ever! As Dreamforce is now almost here, I thought it would be awesome to ask members of the Salesforce Community what they are thinking leading up to Dreamforce (FYI: for more Information on Dreamforce please check my Blog). I also believe that sharing the views of the salesforce community will help me win my battle, the same as shown in the Movie “The Conjuring2”

Here is the dialog from the climax (“Your Name gives me Dominion away you Demon, and I do Know your Name”, are you chuckling, Oh! No no no!!!). I really want to feel the excitement, passion, and fragrance of being at Dreamforce, so the best way to feel it virtually is by collecting the experiences and thoughts from the Community itself.


Here I have listed some of the more well-known figures from Salesforce Community, let’s see what they feel about Dreamforce.

Abhinav Gupta


(Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog )

Dreamforce is an experience of a lifetime, everyone should at least go once, and I am sure they would never miss it next year. This event is huge beyond imagination, and I wonder how well Salesforce manages to execute the same every year. This event has plenty of opportunities for everyone, i.e. customers, partners, admins, and developers. You can surely take back a lot of learning and inspiration back from the event. What I like most about Dreamforce is knowledge which is flowing at a rapid pace all around, and networking with best minds in the industry, you will never find so many talented individuals at the same place anywhere else. See you at DF16!

Jennifer W. Lee


(Linkedin | Twitter | Blog  )

Dreamforce 16 will be my fourth Dreamforce and I already know it will be the best yet. I have made so many connections to those in the community since DF15. I look forward to not only learning new things as I do at every Dreamforce from Salesforce or my colleagues but also sharing my knowledge with others (did I mention, I am a first time presenter with three sessions?!) BUT most of all, I am really look forward to meeting those I’ve only interacted with virtually, whether it is via Twitter, through my blog, LinkedIn or the Success Community in the community or those who work at Salesforce in person. There is truly no other community like the Salesforce community. It’s a community of love and support. This is why #DF16 will truly be an EPIC Dreamforce for me.  If you have a passion for Salesforce and you’ve never gone to Dreamforce, you need to do what you can to attend one. I highly recommend it!

Eric Dreshfield


(Twitter | Linkedin |Blog )

It probably will come as no surprise to anyone who really knows me that what excites me the most about Dreamforce is the people. The people I already know, the people on my “must meet” list, the people I “know” only because I follow them on Twitter and the Success Community, and even the people I do not know at all! I say it all the time in my “Kevin Bacon” blog series, but it bears repeating: For me, one of the greatest strengths of the Salesforce Ecosystem is its people and the connections that are shared.

This year is no different. I’m excited to meet all the people. I’m also excited to hear what Marc Benioff will share during his keynote. If I don’t make it to any sessions, my Dreamforce will be complete, if connect with people, watch Marc’s Keynote, and the pre-keynote interviews conducted by Peter Coffee. The other aspect of Dreamforce that I’m really excited about is all the “Give Back” opportunities. Salesforce has really set the bar high this year with so many great opportunities for people to give back a little while at Dreamforce. (Red) is very inspiring – I hope they are able to help create an AIDS-free generation! In addition, Talk, Read, Sing is a great one…any opportunity to help children is a MUST, in my opinion.

Adam Olshansky


(Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog )

I’m super excited for Dreamforce this year! It’s always a great opportunity to connect with friends in the community I primarily know virtually. Also, a great place to learn something, get hands on with a new technology, and pick up some swag! It’s always pretty busy and I’m sure I’ll be exhausted by the end of it but it will definitely be worth it!

David Liu


(Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog )

Dreamforce: the best week of the year! I learn more during this week than I do in any other month!

Sharif Shaalan


(Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog )

I’m very excited to go back to Dreamforce for a few reasons.

1. To see all of my salesforce friends in person.

2. To see all the new features SF is working on.

3. Get a look at the roadmap for the various clouds!

Stephanie Herrera


(Twitter | LinkedIn )

How do I feel about Dreamforce? I don’t believe there is enough time or words to eloquently sum up how I feel about Dreamforce other than I HEART IT! It’s like the Nerd version of Disneyland! I love the fact that everywhere you go, there is an opportunity to LEARN! I also really love hearing the inspiring speakers and the awesome free concerts! My absolute FAVORITE part of Dreamforce though has to be the COMMUNITY! I get to hang out and mingle with other people who love Salesforce as much as I do! I’m so excited that I get to hang out with my Austin WIT group while meeting WIT members from throughout the country and the world all in one spot! I’m also VERY excited that I will get to meet so many of my #SalesforceSaturday peeps this year here at Dreamforce too! I’m a fan of so many of them on Twitter, it’s going to be so wonderful to finally meet them in person! Also, the freaking AMAZING people that work for Salesforce who go to such great lengths to make sure we have an amazing experience in San Francisco! To sum it up, it’s the awesome people that make Dreamforce so awe inspiring for me!

Amy Oplinger


(Twitter | LinkedIn )

My expectation of my second Dreamforce is that it will surpass last year because I am more involved in the community. I am helping out my dear friend, Melinda Smith, with the 2nd Annual WIT Photo Hunt, sponsored by Apttus. Please check it out on Twitter, and play along to win some fantastic prizes! There is a version for both Dreamforce attendees, and those at home. Secondly, you will get to see me, along with Salesforce Developer Evangelist Mary Scotton and newly minted MVP Shonnah Hughes up on stage, hosting a brand-new Dreamforce event- #AwesomeAdmin Lip Sync Battle!

My first Dreamforce was a truly magical experience one I will never forget. The learning, the people, the connections and the city of San Francisco all made an indelible impression on my heart. Will this year top it? It will be tough, but I look forward to seeing you all in San Francisco soon and doing our best to make Dreamforce 2016 the best yet!

Geoffrey Flynn


(Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog )

Dreamforce for me is a few things :

1 – The chance to connect with people face to face.  I still have so many people that I’ve only ever met virtually through the community, and last year I got a lot out of just being able to sit down with some of them and talk in person.

2 – The chance to talk with clients in a more casual setting.  I’m a consultant, so this is a big part of the overall Dreamforce week.  It’s typically a much different conversation when everyone is very clearly off-site and can take the time to sit down without worrying about getting back upstairs for the next meeting

3 – The chance to help.  With all I’ve gotten out of the community it’s only fair to try and give back through doing a session and also volunteering in the Admin meadow

4 – The opportunity to really take a deeper dive into a particular piece of Salesforce where I don’t feel that I’m as strong as I should be or is new and I need to start learning about

Special Tip : If I could give one piece of advice it would be to just go up and say hi to someone you want to meet.  Between the poor picture quality on the badges and people using different pictures for their community/twitter profiles, you can’t expect people to necessarily recognize you.  So go introduce yourself.

Reference : DREAMFORCE 2016 TIPS

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Dazzling Dreamforce

Inspired by Blog Series – Kevin Bacon by Eric ,Girly Geek By Lauren , Answers Community Leaders by Vinay & the Answers Community   forum of which I have been a part from a long time,I decided to put this series to share astounding truths about dreamforce. Special thanks to Eric Dreshfield for being an Awesome Mentor, Supporter, and a True Evangelist.



A Paradise where we have the time of our life & its Memories, that last a Lifetime…

What is Dreamforce :

Isn’t this only a Salesforce annual user conference? Strictly, yes, it is Salesforce’s primary yearly gathering. Yet, Dreamforce is so much more than that.

Individuals assemble in San Francisco from everywhere in the world to share thoughts and challenges, learn about new product capabilities, associate and network with one another, and, in general, be educated and enlightened about the Salesforce ecosystem. You get the opportunity to engage with thought pioneers, industry leaders, and a great many your companions from the ecosystem. What’s more, you’ll leave with great learning, new connections, and memories that will endure forever.  With more than 2,000 breakout sessions, helpful keynotes, an exceptional expo, and a rockin’ show, Dreamforce is the world’s biggest innovation gathering. Basically, it’s the spot to be for the Salesforce Community.

Dreamforce offers:

Learn Without Boundaries:

Learn and share best practices on more than 2,000 sessions, including expert and MVP led sessions and hands-on trainings, a Cloud Expo (the world’s biggest!), exceptional selections for admins and developers, as well as Circles of Success, where you can get your inquiries addressed by product specialists.

Network like There’s No Tomorrow:

Make connections and share best practices. Whatever your part, organization size, or industry, the Community is prepared to share its knowledge and skills, and is eager to connect with you outside of Dreamforce, or even simply share lunch with you at Dreamforce.

Give Back in a Big Way:

The Dreamforce community consistently meets the challenges to make an impact on other that is as large as the event itself. It’s mind-boggling what we can accomplish when we join together as a whole community. In previous years we’ve given 3 million dinners to those in need and gathered over a million books!

History Of Dreamforce


Dreamforce may be the greatest cloud meeting anyplace, and it’s rapidly getting to be one of the biggest innovation gatherings in the world. With that developing notoriety, the industry has generally expected huge names when Salesforce declares the gathering’s keynote speakers. From Dreamforce’s first year, CEO Marc Benioff has shared conversations with VPs, performing artists, CEOs, and illuminating tech industry celebrities.

A list of all the Dreamforce keynote speakers from 2003-2016

Here’s a far-reaching history of Dreamforce keynote speakers since 2003, the first year of the Salesforce gathering. In the initial couple of years, Dreamforce was called a “Client and Developer Conference” and the speaker rundown did not feature such recognizable names as it does today. Still, Benioff figured out how to stock the speaker list with pioneers and innovators: Note beginning in 2013, Dreamforce and the Benefit for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital were joined. Earlier years, they were separate events.

2003 – Dreamforce 1 –(November 9-11)

Adam Bosworth (SVP of BEA Systems), Halsey Minor (Chairman and CEO, Grand Central), Chris Thomas (Chief E-Strategist, Intel), David Vaskevitch (SVP and CTO, Microsoft Corporation), Ernie Cormier (VP of Business Solutions, Nextel)

2004 – Dreamforce 2 –(November 1-4)

Brad Boston, (SVP and CIO, Cisco Systems), Adam Bosworth (VP of Engineering, Google), Marie Wieck, (GM, IBM), Jim Balsillie (Chairman and Co-CEO, Research In Motion) Jonathan Schwartz (President and COO, Sun Microsystems), Joe Rymsza, (President and CEO, Vettro), and Subrah Iyar, Chairman and CEO, WebEx)

2005 – Dreamforce 3 – (September 11-14)

Chris Anderson (Tech Luminary, Editor-in-Chief, WIRED Magazine), Adam Bosworth (VP of engineering, Google), John Freeland (Global Managing Partner, CRM practice, Accenture), Laurent Philonenko (VP & General Manager, Cisco), Chris Thomas (Chief strategist, Intel)

2006 – Dreamforce 4 – ( October 8 – 11)    Colin Powell

2007 – Dreamforce 5 – (September 16-19)  George Lucas

2008 – Dreamforce 6 –  (November 2-5)

Michael Dell, Neil Young, Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), Dave Girouard (President of Enterprise, Google)

2009 – Dreamforce 7 – (November 17-20)

Colin Powell, Shantanu Narayen (President and CEO, Adobe), Dave Girouard (President of Enterprise, Google)

2010 – Dreamforce 8 – (December 6-9)      Bill Clinton

2011 – Dreamforce 9 – (August 30 – September 2)

Eric Schmidt, Gary Vaynerchuk

2012 – Dreamforce 10 – (September 18-21)

Colin Powell, Jeff Immelt, Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson

2013 – Dreamforce 11 –(November 18-21)

Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer (CEO and President, Yahoo!), Deepak Chopra.

2014 – Dreamforce 12 – (October 13-16)

Hillary Clinton, Al (October 13-16) Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Max Levchin

2015 – Dreamforce 13 (September 15-18)

Marc Benioff(Chairman & CEO, Salesforce),Satya  Nadella(CEO,Microsoft), Jessica Alba(Founder,The Honest Company),Sujan Wojcicki(CEO,YouTube),Goldie Hawn(Founder,TheHawnFoundation), Hikmetersek(President/CEO,Western Union), DR. Laura Esserman(MD,UCSF School of Medicine),

2016 – Dreamforce 14- (October 4-7)

Melinda Gates (Co Chair , Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation),MARC BENIOFF (Chairman & CEO, Salesforce),Patricia Arquette,Billie Jean King ,Deborah Duggan (CEO, RED)

References : 

Dreamforce ’16 Ready

Get Ready for Dreamforce

5 Things to Know About Dreamforce ’16

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Salesforce Winter’17: Top 17 Features of Lightning Experience

Salesforce published Winter’17 release(Preview) notes. If You are a lightning lover like me then In this release, you can find lot’s of new features as well as new enhancements for example updated navigation model, Merge Duplicate Leads, Quotes to Opportunities, Kanban view for Leads,Skype Call.

Take a look below new features in Winter 17 released for Lightning Experience:

images      images  275×183 .png

1.Create Custom Apps in Lightning Experience and Navigate More Efficiently

With Winter17 Lightning Experience navigation make your users more efficient and allow them to switch between apps that you can brand and customize. If you know Salesforce Classic, the updated navigation model will feel like a familiar friend, only better. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.

Navigate at the Speed of Lightning!

In the improved navigation model, the navigation menu that previously displayed on the side of Lightning Experience becomes a horizontal navigation bar at the top of the page, letting your users:

  • Find what they need using item names instead of icons for easy recognition
  • Complete actions and access recent records and lists with a single click
  • Use a consistent and familiar navigation experience

Think of the navigation bar as a container for a set of items and functionality. It’s always there, but the items within it change to represent the app you’re using.


2.Apps in the App Launcher

Similar to Salesforce Classic, apps in Lightning Experience (what we call Lightning apps) give your users access to sets of objects, tabs, and other items all in one convenient bundle in the navigation bar. However, Lightning apps take things to a level beyond apps in Salesforce Classic (let’s call those Classic apps). Lightning apps let you brand your apps with a custom color and logo. You can even include a utility bar and Lightning page tabs in your Lightning app.

Meet the Lightning Experience App Manager

This is your go-to place for managing apps for Lightning Experience. It shows all your connected apps and Salesforce apps, both Classic and Lightning.

Lightning Experience App Manager

Use the Lightning Experience App Manager to:

  • Create Lightning apps or connected apps (8)
  • See if your Classic apps are accessible to your users in Lightning Experience (9)
  • Edit, delete, or upgrade Classic apps to take advantage of all the benefits of apps in Lightning Experience (10)

Create a New Lightning App

Creating and editing a Lightning app is a cinch. Give your app a name, set its primary color, upload a logo, specify which items appear in the app’s navigation bar, and assign the app to user profiles. If your org includes utilities like Lightning Voice or Open CTI Softphone, you see options to add them to your app’s utility bar, which displays in the Lightning Experience footer.

3.Get Field-Level Help in Lightning Experience

Yes, finally this is coming in Lightning 🙂 Salesforce Classic users have always appreciated the field-level help you create for your custom fields. Now your Lightning Experience users can love it, too!  Previously, the help showed up only in Salesforce Classic. View help by hovering over the info icon next to a field. Field-level help in Lightning Experience is supported across all browsers. It shows up regardless of your screen size, the data type of the field, or the location of the field in your layout.

Field level help in Lightning Experience

4.Create Multiple Records More Quickly in Lightning Experience

Yes, “Save & New” action is now coming to Lightning. After your users create, edit, or clone a record in Lightning Experience, they can create another record using the Save & New button. The Save & New button lets users create records repeatedly without leaving their spot in the app. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.The button is available in the same locations as in Salesforce Classic, which include most Create, Edit, and Clone pages.

Create Account page with Save and New button

See More Specific Dialog Titles When Creating Records

When your users create a record in Lightning Experience, the Create dialog title includes the record type if it exists. For example, you have two record types, Large and Small, assigned to the Account object to indicate account size. When your users create an account with the Large record type, “Large” appears in the title of the Create dialog to provide more context. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.
Create Account popup with title shown that indicates the Large record type

5.Record Details Tab Never Forgets in Lightning Experience

Wow, I am super excited for this 🙂 When your users expand or collapse a section in record details in Lightning Experience, the section stays that way even after visiting other areas in Salesforce. This change helps users scroll through a record faster, showing only the information they care about. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.

For example, in Lead details, a user collapses the Address Information section and expands the Additional Information section. The next time the user views a lead’s details with the same layout, those sections remain collapsed and expanded, respectively.

Lead page details showing Address Information collapsed and Additional Information expanded

As in Salesforce Classic, sections in Create, Edit, and Clone pages are always expanded.

6.Clearer, More Actionable Popup Messages for Records

Confirmation messages that appear after your users create, edit, delete, or clone a record successfully from a related list in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 have changed. The messages include the record name for more context. It will resolve the redirection issue to related records in Lightning. Also, after your users create a record from a related list in Lightning Experience (not Salesforce1), the popup message includes a link to the record for easy navigation. Here’s an example.

Account page showing a related list and contact success confirmation message

Troubleshoot Record Errors Quickly and Easily in Lightning Experience

When your users edit records inline and errors occur, the fields containing errors appear in a popup at the bottom for easy scanning. Fields are linked in the popup so that your users can navigate to them quickly to fix. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.

As in previous releases, field error descriptions also display under the field.

Contact details showing Email field error in popup

7.Launch a Lightning Component from an Action

Lightning component actions are custom actions that invoke a Lightning component. Because they support Apex and JavaScript, Lightning component actions provide a secure way to build client-side custom functionality. This feature is available in Lightning Experience and all versions of the Salesforce1 mobile app.
To create a Lightning component action, select Lightning Component from the Action Type drop-down list when you create either a global or object-specific action.

Lightning component actions can’t call just any Lightning component in your org. For a component to work as a Lightning component action, it has to be configured specifically for that purpose and implement either the force:LightningQuickActionorforce:LightningQuickActionWithoutHeader interfaces.

8.Reply to and Forward Emails Right from Salesforce

After reading an email, you often want to respond right away. Now you can. Just click Reply, Reply All, or Forward from the email detail page or activity timeline. It’s as easy as…sending an email. These options are only available to organizations using Enhanced Email, which is automatically enabled for most customers. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.

Email with reply and forward options

9.Identify and Merge Duplicate Leads in Lightning Experience

Getting rid of duplicate lead records prevents multiple reps from contacting the same lead. We’ve made it easier to improve data quality. Give your sales reps the ability to resolve duplicate lead records as they find them. Salesforce identifies key field differences across multiple records and lets a rep merge the best information from the top three records. This feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

Potential Duplicates

Start Spreading the News on Chatter

Your sales reps can keep everyone in the org up to date on the latest news by sharing news articles on Chatter. This feature is available in Lightning Experience and all versions of the Salesforce1 mobile app.

The News feature, which includes timely, relevant news from US sources, is available for accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, and on the Home page. When reps come across an article that may be of interest to others, they can click the share icon (Share on Chatter) to share it with other people or post it to the related record’s Chatter feed.

Share news on Chatter

When a rep shares a news article from a record’s detail page, it’s posted to that record’s Chatter feed. The rep can also @mention individual users or groups. When a rep shares a news article from Home or the News app, the article is posted to the rep’s own Chatter profile for all the rep’s followers to see.

Import My Accounts and Contacts Wizard Is Retired

The Import My Accounts and Contacts wizard is now unavailable. Remind your users to upload their data using the Data Import Wizard instead. For more information, see “Import My Accounts and Contacts Retirement in Winter ‘17.” This change affects both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

12.Home: Do More with the Assistant

 The Assistant features more relevant, actionable updates. Your sales reps can act directly on different recommendations, including sending an email or creating a task or event. Sales reps can also dismiss recommendations that aren’t relevant.

Take Action in the Assistant

To give your sales reps more bang for their buck, we’ve added relevant actions to recommendations. For example, if a sales rep receives an update that an opportunity doesn’t have any open activity, the rep can create a task or event directly from the recommendation.

recommendation actions

The actions that appear depend on the type of recommendation. The available actions include:

  • Create a task
  • Create an event
  • Edit an opportunity
  • Send an email

Dismiss Unhelpful Recommendations

Your sales reps can easily dismiss recommendations that aren’t relevant. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.

dismiss button

Click dismiss icon to dismiss a recommendation. After all the available cards are removed, the Assistant refreshes and checks for more available recommendations.

13.Lightning Voice: More New Calling Features

 Salesforce added a ton of new features to Voice, including new ways to make calls and call forwarding. Beginning with the Winter ’17 release, Lightning Voice is available only through the utility bar, so an additional task is required to continue using this feature. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.

Access Voice from the Utility Bar

To continue using Lightning Voice, admins must use the App Manager to make the feature available from the utility bar at the bottom of the page. The utility bar gives your sales reps quick access to commonly used tools. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.
utility bar in lightning experience

Make Calls with Your Keyboard or the Virtual Dial Pad

Your sales reps no longer need to have a phone number associated with a record to place a Voice call. They can use the keyboard or the virtual dial pad to enter phone numbers or extensions. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.

voice keypad

Handle Missed Calls with Notifications and Call Forwarding

No need to worry about missed calls! Sales reps are now notified about them. They can also forward calls to their mobile number to guarantee that they never miss that big sales call. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.Missed call alerts appear in the Notifications drop-down.

missed call notification

14.Optimize Clicks and Time by Editing Inline (Beta)

Your reps breeze through record updates in Lightning Experience with Lightning Edit in list views. Reps can modify a record without opening it, right from the list view. Even better, they can save multiple records at once. This feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.
Editing Inline in a List View

Take Ownership of Multiple Leads at Once

If you use queues to prioritize and assign leads among team members, your reps can now take ownership of multiple leads from the queue at once. This feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.
Accept lead from queue

15.Kanban: Track and Manage Leads, Contracts, and Campaigns Visually

Sales reps can more effectively monitor their progress with leads, contracts, and campaigns using the same Kanban-style visual layout they use for their opportunities. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.

The Kanban view for campaigns.

Modify Records from the Kanban View

Everybody hates a detour. Great news: Now your reps can edit or delete records from the Kanban view. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.
Edit or delete records from the Kanban view.

Get Prompted to Update Required Fields from the Kanban View

Required fields aren’t blockers anymore. Now reps can fill in fields required to move a record to a different stage or status from within the Kanban view.
Reps are prompted to complete required fields without leaving the Kanban view.

16.Use Skype Chat, Video Calling, and Audio Calling in Salesforce (Beta)

 Skype for Salesforce integrates Salesforce and Skype for Business, allowing you to chat with and make audio and video calls to other users in your org. Skype for Salesforce is available only if your business has a Skype for Business online license. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only. Once you’ve enabled Skype for Salesforce for your users, they see a banner prompting them to log in to Skype for Business. Users who have logged in to Skype for Business can hover over the names of other users in your org to see if they are online and contact them with Skype audio and video chat.

Hover over the name of anyone in your org to see their Skype presence and begin a conversation.

Begin a Skype chat, video call, or audio call from within Salesforce.

17.Subscribe to Reports in Lightning Experience

You know that report you check when you arrive in the office every Monday morning? Why not have it emailed to you every Monday at 8:00 AM instead? Subscribe to up to five reports and receive refreshed report results by email on a schedule you set: daily, weekly, or monthly. To start a report subscription, open a report and click Subscribe. Specify when to receive the report, and then go about your business. When you need the report data, it’s waiting for you in your inbox.
Subscribing to a report

Chart Improvements in Lightning Experience: Table, Gauge, Bar, Scatter, Line, and Combo Charts

Add Tables to Dashboards in Lightning Experience

From the Lightning Experience dashboard editor, you can now add table components and sort columns from the component editor. Tables in Lightning Experience dashboards show conditional highlighting and Chatter photos, but to configure conditional highlighting and Chatter photos, switch to Salesforce Classic.

Table showing conditional highlighting, sorting, and Chatter photos

Gauge Charts Display Percentages

Gauge charts added to Lightning Experience dashboards now show percentages by default. Gauge charts configured to show percentages in Salesforce Classic now also show the percentage in Lightning Experience.
Gauge Chart in Lightning Experience

Stack Bar Charts to 100%

Stacked bar charts are wonderful for comparing absolute values side by side. Stacking a bar chart to 100% enables you to compare relative values side by side. For example, instead of comparing opportunities by stage and total opportunity amount, stacking lets you compare the proportion of opportunity amounts by stage.

To stack a bar chart to 100%, your report must have at least two groupings, and one of the groupings must be a number.

Stacked Bar Chart


There are many more powerful features in Winter’17 Release notes. For complete list of Winter’17 Release Notes click here  Also, don’t forget to visit What’s Not Available in New Winter ‘17 Lightning Experience Features

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Know About Summer 2016 Class Of Salesforce MVPs


Salesforce has recently  announced their  Summer 2016 Salesforce MVPs.  Here I am with this post congratulating all new MVPs with a bit of intro about them and what awesome they do in Salesforce World !!

My heartiest congrats to all the renewed MVPs as well 🙂 

Let’s deep dive into the briefs of new 21 Salesforce MVPs….

Adam Olshansky


(Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog )

Adam Olshansky is 11x certified professional and currently working as a Salesforce Developer at YouTube. He is Trailhead addicted(110 Active Badges) and handling Trailhead LeaderBoard. He featured on SFDC99 for earning 5 certificates in only 6 weeks. Adam has a blog and co-host of a podcast, enjoys giving back to the community for those who have helped him. If you haven’t read his blogs yet, do not miss them. One of my favorite blogs is “Start Your Salesforce Journey“. He also spends his time to do volunteer with VetForce, RAD Women, and spreading the Salesforce love on Twitter and LinkedIn. Want to know more about him? Check here.

Adam Kramer

 Adam Kramer.jpg

(Twitter | LinkedIn )

Adam Kramer is 2x SFDC Certified professional and working as a Senior Project Manager for one of’s partner companies, KELL Partners. He is also #NPSP Advisory Board Member,  Speaker at NTC, Southeast Dreamin, and Midwest Dreamin. He is an awesome contributor for implementing Salesforce solutions and best practice consulting services for nonprofits.He is working as a superhero solving complex problems for customers and enjoys volunteering and restoring his 100+yr old house, with a little help from his pet Chihuahua. I love his post about Dreamforce an absolutely must attend event for Nonprofits and Higher Eds .Want to know more about him? Check here .

Jean-Luc Antoine

Jean Luc.jpg

Twitter | Linkedin )

Jean-Luc Antoine is Certified Technical Architect(7x certified) and working as Enterprise Architect Managing, Principal at Capgemini. In past, he worked as a Principal Consultant for Salesforce at San Francisco, CA. He is an Author of PAD apex framework, AdminBooster and Scripting Toolkit for Salesforce. He was also among top Salesforce 25 in London’s Calling Event.

Buyan Thyagarajan

Buyan Kumar.jpeg

Twitter | Blog | Salesforce Community )

Buyan Kumar is salesforce architect specializing in higher education leading a Salesforce team for Eigenx. He is specialized in marketing automation solutions like Marketing cloud and Pardot. He is doing awesome contributor by his blog for higher education. Want to know more about him? check here .

Chester Bullock

Chester Bullock.jpg

( Twitter | LinkedIn )

Chester Bullock is working as a VP, Digital Marketing Technology at Trendline Interactive. He involved in digital marketing since the mid-90’s. He specializes in ExactTarget, API, database architecture and salesforce marketing cloud. He is also an author of Salesforce Marketing Cloud For Dummies book. I love his post 6 Tips For Your First Week In Email Marketing.

Daniel Peter

Daniel Peter.jpg

Twitter |Blog | Linkedin | Developer Blog )

Daniel Peter is 18x certified (Really hats of you) professional and Lead Applications Engineer at Kenandy. He is running user group Bay Area Salesforce Developer Group and prior to that he ran North Bay Salesforce Developer Group. He is doing awesome contribution via his personal blog. I love all his lightning blog posts. He also has spoken at Dreamforce and community events and contributed some articles to salesforce developer blog. Want to know more about him? Check his recent podcast with some personal background here.

David Giller

David Giller.jpg

Twitter | Blog |LinkedIn )

David Giller is Salesforce Trainer,Author, Blogger,Founder & CEO of Brainiate. He is a leader of Northern New Jersey Salesforce User Group and co-leader of New York Salesforce User Group. He is also Author of the “Getting Started in Salesforce Series” on Amazon. He is doing awesome contribution about Salesforce related tips, best-practice via his blog post.Want to know more about him? Check here 

Douglas Ayers

Doug Ayers.jpg

( Twitter | Blog | Linkedin )

Doug Ayers is 8x certified Salesforce enthusiast and Nashville Salesforce Developer Group Leader and currently working as Senior Developer at Virsys12. He is doing awesome contribution using his Blog and on GITHub.I love his blog post on Salesforce filter related lists without codeWant to know more about him? Check here  

Martijn Schwarzer

Martijn Schwarzer.jpg

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Martijn Schwärzer is 7x Salesforce Certified and currently working as a Sr. Consultant at Beethree. He is running “Netherlands Salesforce Developer Group“. He is doing awesome contribution using his blog and developer forum community. He was also among 25 people you should meet at Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam.

Elena Inurrategui

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Elena Inurrategui is a Certified Developer ,Administrator and currently working at La Cle. She is from Argentina, and now living in Vancouver.She is co-founder at La Cle. She is a champ of Power Of Us Hub Community. She was awarded as Hub Hero by Salesforce in July’15 and now a Salesforce MVP !!

Gaurav Kheterpal


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Gaurav Kheterpal is a well-known Salesforce mobile expert. He has been a Dreamforce Devzone speaker every year since 2012 and is presenting 2 sessions at Dreamforce 2016 as well. Gaurav has been leading the Jaipur Developer User Group for last 4+ years and he’s presented at multiple DUGs across India. He works as Head-Mobility at Metacube, a Salesforce PDO partner in India. Salesforce recognized him as a ‘Developer Success Story’ on their developer blog last year. He was showcased among ‘22 people to follow before Dreamforce‘ in the year 2014. Gaurav ranks among the Top 2% contributors on Salesforce StackExchange and he’s a moderator on the official Mobile Discussion Boards.

Gaurav has also been a speaker at Salesforce World Tour in New York in 2015 and has presented sessions at leading technology conferences such as SenchaCon, DroidCon, TiConf, MobileMonday and several others. He’s also presented several webinars (example  – this one) educating people on Salesforce and been involved with Salesforce college campus outreach initiatives in India. He’s won several awards including Salesforce Global Mobile Development Challenge, Hammer of Thor, Appcelerator Enterprise App Challenge etc. He has also been covered on ‘Code Coverage‘ and ‘Admin Hero‘ – leading sites featuring who’s who from the Salesforce community.

Jennifer Lee


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Jennifer W. Lee well known by Trailhead addict (123 Badges). She spoke at the Boston World tour this year on process builder and at the Salesforce Boston world tour and received the awesome admin award. If you are planning for Dreamforce this year then you can attend her session presenting in Dreamforce16 for the first time in 3 sessions (Related to process builder/flows).She also volunteered her awesome admin knowledge at the Ask the Experts booth at the NYC and Boston World Tours.

She is very active Member of the Boston User Group, Boston WiT, and Social media manager for WiT_Diversity. For sharing her love of Salesforce with the world, she is running her blog . She is an active member of the success community and active on Twitter, sharing information about Salesforce and interacting with the community. She was also featured in Girly Geeks of the week.

Kalman Sweetwine


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Kalman Sweetwine is Certified Admin and Certified Sales Cloud Consultant and woking as the Lead Analyst at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is Denver NonProfit User Group Leader/Founder and awesome contributor to GitHub. He is also a steady contributor to the Power of HUB Community.Want to Know more about him? Check here.

Katie McFadden


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Katie McFadden is the Director of Professional Services at Swift River Consulting and automation designer for nonprofits.She focuses on Salesforce implementations for nonprofits worldwide and targets small but highly motivated organizations as her market.She doing awesome contribution to NPSP as well.

Michael Slawnik

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Michael Slawnik is a certified Admin and currently working as an IT Applications & Development Manager at Interlochen Center for the Arts. He is a co-leader of the Traverse City Nonprofit User Group. He is a champ of Power Of Us Hub Community and was awarded as Hub Hero by Salesforce in November’15 and now a Salesforce MVP !!

Rebecca Lammers


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Rebecca works as a Business Analyst for Internet Creations . She was a recipient of Salesforce’s Awesome Admin award, earning the honor in 2015, the first year the award was offered.Today, she is a 5x certified leader of the Dallas Fort Worth Women in Tech User Group (formerly the DFW Girly Geeks) and a co-founder of the Dallas Fort Worth Study Geeks (A group dedicated to helping people preparing for their 201 and App Builder certifications). She volunteers for nonprofits through Jericho Road, an organization that pairs non-profits in need of Salesforce help with Admins who want to give back  and was a Midwest Dreamin 2016 speaker.

Shonnah Hughes


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Shonnah Hughes is currently working as CRM Technical Lead at Minneapolis Institute of Art. I love her Girly Geek Chapter. She was Winner of the Dreamforce Journey to the future video contest  . She is running WIT Diversity Group as Leader , Minnesota Women In Tech Group as a Co-Leader and Minnesota Salesforce Study Group as a Leader.She is also doing awesome contribution using her blog and salesforce collaboration community.

Vered Meir

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Vered Meir is a certified Salesforce administrator and developer with over ten years of experience in the nonprofit sector and currently working as an IT Business Analyst at Year Up. She is a champ of Power Of Us Hub Community. She is also running her personal blog.

Mayank Srivastava

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Mayank Srivastava !! So who doesn’t know him? I am his big fan. He is an answers community contributor with around 8k Answers and 2100+ Best Answers. He is 13x certified and currently working as a Senior Consultant at Acumen Solutions. His success story featured on David Liu’s site and on Brent Downey’s blog. He helped numerous people who passed the ADM 201 exam through his own study groups with a 100% success rate so far(all 22 folks have passed their exams) which is incredible.Want to join the next one? You can join him here . He is also running his own personal blog at SUCCEED WITH SALESFORCE .

Vinay Chaturvedi


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Vinay Chaturvedi is a Salesforce community hero for Noida User Group. He is 4x certified and currently working as a Salesforce Consultant/Developer at Fujitsu. He is a Leader of Noida User Group and also runs Salesforce User Group Office Hours Call for APAC Region. He recently featured at Eric Dreshfield’s blog  . He is doing awesome contribution using Salesforce answer community and running his own blog. He is the big fan of Salesforce answer community and posted the number of the blogs about Salesforce community Answer leaders. Want to know more about him? Check here.

Calvin Smith

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Calvin Smith is 6x certified Salesforce professional and currently leading efforts to organize & launch DallasGiveForce which will be an ongoing program throughout the year to regularly help stand up small nonprofit org in the DFW community that meets his requirements for assistance. He is also a co-moderator on the Success Community in the Jobs Group. Want to know more about him? Check here.