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Lightning Voice: Phone Calls Right from Salesforce

Make and Receive Phone Calls Right from Salesforce

Now We can use Phone Feature in Salesforce Without Leaving ever salesforce.In this feature sales rep make the call, Receive the call,add call notes, and log their call information with ease. It just Clicks from Phone Number Field on Contact,Lead and List View In Lightning Experience


  1. Once you’ve purchased Voice licenses, activate Voice and assign the Permissions to Different User.

  2. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.
  3. For now, we support outgoing calls to the U.S. and Canada only.


Click-to-Call :

Add Phone Number field on Object and It Just singles click on Phone Number field.Users can speed up the process of calling a customer or prospect by dialing them directly from Sales Cloud Lightning with a simple click.


Easily Take Persistent Notes :

The call appears in a composer window, so our sales reps can multitask during the call. They can access relevant records, add call notes directly in the composer window, or create tasks, events, or other records related to the call.easily take notes right in Sales Cloud Lightning and automatically log these notes against the call record .


Automatically Log Calls  :

Reps can also add more details after a call has ended, and the call details are logged in the activity timeline. With Lightning Voice, any outbound or inbound call can be automatically logged to the appropriate lead or contact record.


Engage in Smarter Conversations  :

Sales reps can also receive calls with Voice and Incoming calls show a list of related activities, so users have access to relevant information before they’ve even answered the call.Answering phone calls can also be done directly inside Sales Cloud with a simple click.


Pricing & Availability:  

  • Lightning Voice is expected to be generally available in July 2016 for Sales Cloud .
  • Lightning users with Lightning Professional Edition and above in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Lightning Voice offers an outbound calling product with an optional inbound calling product.
  • Lightning Voice outbound is available at $45 per user, per month and Lightning Voice inbound is available for an additional $5 per user, per month.

References :

1. Lightning Voice: Make and Receive Phone Calls Right from Salesforce (Generally Available)

2.Introducing New Lightning Voice in Salesforce: Sell Smarter and Faster with Click-to-Call




Hi! I am Pritam Shekhawat, Salesforce MVP. I am working as a 3x Certified Salesforce developer as well I am a co-leader of Noida Salesforce user group. Most important thing which I like about Salesforce is giving back. There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe the significance of giving back.

8 thoughts on “Lightning Voice: Phone Calls Right from Salesforce

  1. Thank you Pritam! for that post
    I like it that feature.

    So once the call is completed then it will save call recording some where?
    If yes then it will be good for us to analysis the calls 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to hear that you liked that 🙂 As of now it will not save the recording in Salesforce but during the call on after the end of the call it will open a task composer window where Sales user can put their notes about the call in comment sections. Hopefully, in future, they save the recordings as well !!


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